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Porsche GT3 RS (997.2)

£3500 per day including fuel, tyres and insurance.

What we have here is the coming together of three iconic Porsche badges. The first two are obvious. RS, or Renn Sport, needs no introduction, having adorned great 911s since 1973. And although it is much younger, the GT3 tag, which first appeared in 1999 on the 996, has now become a permanent fixture in 911 folklore.

But to appreciate the third component, you need to get into the detail of this latest iteration of the GT3 RS, specifically the engine capacity. Because, as part of the mid-lifecycle upgrades that mark this as the second-generation 997 GT3, Porsche has increased the bore of the motorsport-derived flat six engine.One way of assessing a car is to start off assuming it is perfect and then, on better acquaintance, deduct marks for aspects that disappoint. Do that in a 911 GT3 RS and the opportunity to wipe marks off the total is damnably hard.

Its performance is outstanding. It is unimpeachable in its design, engineering and purity of purpose. It grips like little else and its handling has been so thoroughly developed that there are no foibles or nasty surprises, just the finest of 911 experiences honed until they’re exploitable, enjoyable and just about perfected. The 911 GT3 RS is, in short, fantastic at everything it’s supposed to do. It’s the business.

Max Speed 193 mph Cylinders/cc Flat Six / 3800 Brakes Porsche Drilled Steel Discs
0 - 60 3.7 BHP/ton 329 Weight 1370 kg
BHP 444 bhp @ 7900 rpm Aspiration Normally Aspirated Doors 2
Torque 317 lb ft @ 6750 rpm Gears Six Seats 2
Drive Rear Transmission Manual Tyres Michelin Pilot Sport Cup